Norman Yatooma & Associates

Norman Yatooma & Associates, P.C., based in metropolitan Detroit, Michigan, has become a nationally recognized full-service law firm known for its commitment to excellence, preeminence in practice, and achievement of its clients’ goals and objectives. We are more than a group of lawyers. We are business people practicing law. We succeed where others fail because we recognize that our clients seek to achieve legal outcomes that are compatible with their long term business goals and objectives. As business people practicing law – not just as lawyers – we proactively identify the most effective and efficient way to achieve our clients’ business purposes. We do not confuse motion for progress. The best way from A-Z is not always to travel the length of the alphabet.

With more than 3 centuries of collective legal experience among our team of attorneys, NYA recognizes the importance of evaluating our clients’ legal needs within the context of ongoing business operations and existing processes. NYA works closely with our clients’ team of leadership professionals and managers to achieve legal outcomes that are in our clients’ best interests. Our clients can expect superlative personal service and outstanding work quality from our tenacious and result-driven attorneys. Our distinguishing characteristic is that we work both harder and smarter than others. At NYA we make progress.

Our lawyers are experienced in both the courtroom and the boardroom bringing a comprehensive approach to legal issues at a more competitive value than other law firms. Our attorneys have had direct involvement in a wide array of transactional and litigation matters across numerous industries and in many legal disciplines. NYA provides result-driven solutions to our clients’ legal issues ranging from litigation containment strategies to identifying and evaluating corporate opportunities on behalf of our clients. We have the expertise to handle the needs of a small business owner and the experience to maneuver a large corporation through complex litigation proceedings -- from the local level to the United States Supreme Court.