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No matter what charge or citation is brought against you, you deserve effective representation. You have many rights as a defendant. Aggressive defense attorneys will fight to preserve and exercise those rights. Norman Yatooma and Associates are experienced criminal defense attorneys who know the courts and know how to handle a case from investigation to arraignment to the jury verdict and if necessary, the criminal appeal.

Traffic Citations. For traffic citations, you have a limited window of time to contest your traffic ticket. Time is of the essence. Traffic citations can cost you your money, insurance premiums, and sometimes even your license. Get the most aggressive attorneys to contest your citation. Red light cameras and speed radars are not infallible; they are just evidence. Our traffic attorneys have the scientific knowledge to dispute these machine readouts in court. We can fight your red light or speeding ticket. Our attorneys can challenge any traffic citation.

Criminal proceedings are a lengthy and stressful process; you have a right to effective counsel to help you through it. The steps in a criminal proceeding often include the following: investigation, indictment or preliminary hearing, arrest, arraignment, plea-bargaining, trial, sentencing, criminal appeal, and possibly re-trial.

Criminal or Civil Investigation. Sometimes federal and state crimes begin with a drawn-out intrusive investigation before any arrest is made. Sometimes you may be interviewed as a witness before the police or FBI decides to make you a suspect. If you believe that you may be at risk of criminal investigation, you can hire a defense attorney to advise you. Under the U.S. Constitution, you have Fourth Amendment rights against unlawful search and seizure. And you have Fifth Amendment rights against coercive interrogation. Avoid accidentally waiving your rights when you interact with authorities. The criminal defense attorneys of Norman Yatooma and Associates can advise you on how to protect your rights. And if you are arrested, you will already have an attorney to call before police begin interrogation.

Indictment, Preliminary Hearing, or Arraignment. The authorities may bring criminal proceedings against you either with an indictment from a grand jury or a charge and preliminary hearing. After you have been charged or indicted, you have a right to an attorney. At arraignment, you will be presented with the charges against you and you will have a chance to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. Call our attorneys before your hearing or arraignment. During your legal proceedings, our attorneys will serve as your advocate and offer you ongoing support. We will fight to ensure you receive a fair hearing, challenge any evidence that is illegally obtained, and make certain that your defense is presented as strongly as possible. Our attorneys only consider your best interests. And if it is in your best interest, we will assist you in working with the prosecutor to obtain a plea bargain that is fair to you.

Jury or Bench Trial. At trial, our criminal defense attorneys will zealously advocate for you. We understand that your life, livelihood, and reputation are on the line. We strive to make the criminal process the least overwhelming for you. We carefully investigate your cases to uncover both documents and physical evidence. We interview all parties involved, including police; we follow up on all promising leads. We bring witnesses, when appropriate, to testify on your behalf. We meticulously investigate and aggressively cross-examine the accusing witnesses at trial. Our attorneys know the key to success is diminishing the credibility of prosecution witnesses and bolstering your own. We present you with options to help you feel comfortable with your defense. Our skilled attorneys can argue before a jury or a judge. And we are tough negotiators. Our attorneys know how to talk to prosecutors. We negotiate to have your charges or sentence reduced wherever possible.

Criminal Appeal. Many adverse trial verdicts can be overturned or reduced on appeal. The issues on appeal can include an unfair ruling during trial, illegal evidence, improper jury instructions, errors in sentencing discretion, or any number of constitutional rights. If you feel your trial was unfair, our criminal appeal attorneys can help. Whether your trial was handled by Norman Yatooma and Associates or other counsel, we can set the matter right. Our attorneys take appeals to state and federal circuit courts.

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