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Norman Yatooma & Associates represent clients in franchise transactions and disputes. Our expert franchise attorneys can help you, whether you are a potential franchisee, are looking to start a franchise, or are an existing franchisor or franchisee.

Our lawyers pride themselves in being business people devoted to the practice of law. We are different than most law firms. Our legal solutions make good business sense for your franchise.

Franchising can be an effective and efficient way to achieve your goals. But franchising is far different than other business systems.

Our franchise lawyers will assist you in understanding federal and state laws and regulations involved in buying, transferring, and selling a franchise. We provide answers to your legal questions. We will walk you through the complex and mandatory Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and the Franchise Agreement (FA). We take the time to understand your business objectives. We provide you with tailored solutions because every business is different.

Start-up Franchises

You may be a successful business entrepreneur with refreshing new ideas or a long-established local enterprise looking to grow your business or a national operation looking to expand into new territories. Franchising may be the solution. In Franchising, you can permit to others to use your business model to others for a fee. Franchising can allow you to rapidly expand your company without a large amount of capital or selling any of your interest in the company. But you can extend the reach of your name, products, and services. Whether you want to know how to franchise your, our expert franchise attorneys can help.

Franchise law is complex. But starting a franchise does not have to be. Our franchise lawyers can discern which regulations govern your business. We take care of compliance with both state and federal regulation and building your franchise system.

We handle your franchising needs from structuring and agreements, registration and disclosure, to the franchise relationship.

Franchise System Structuring and Franchise Agreement. Consult with us on whether and how to franchise your existing business or idea. We advise on how to structure your business entities for franchising or franchise-avoidance. We also provide recommendations on training and support, fees and royalties, marketing responsibility, protection of intellectual property and branding, supply and distribution, dispute resolution, and other terms of agreement.

Franchise Registration and Disclosure. Franchisors must comply with state franchise law as well as federal franchise law. In other states, franchise law governs business relationships that involve rights to a marketing plan, association with trademark, and a required payment. Your business relationship is a franchise governed by the FTC Franchise Rule if it involves the right to use the franchisor’s trademarks, significant control or assistance by the franchisor, and required payment. The FTC and many states agencies require detailed disclosures to each potential franchisee before selling a franchise. This prospectus is the franchise disclosure document (FDD), formerly known as the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC). The federal FDD is composed of 23 items. Additionally, many states require franchisors to register their disclosure documents. Our attorneys will navigate the complex requirements of the 23 items on the FDD and amend the FDD for compliance with state requirements. And we can also assist with international franchising.

Franchise Relationship. In addition to disclosure registration and requirements, many states restrict the terms of the franchise relationship. State regulations include issues such as termination or transfer of the franchise, repurchasing of equipment, and restrictive covenants. Our expert attorneys know state franchise law.

Existing Franchisors

Existing franchisors should consult with us to update your franchise documents or address your expanding franchise legal needs. Franchisors must update the franchise disclosure document (FDD) annually. And as your business changes, so should your franchise documents and agreements. Our experienced franchise attorneys assist with state registrations and filings as well as federal FDD compliance. We can help you update the language in your agreements to better protect your rights and your property.

We also counsel on matters related to your existing franchise, including employment law, leasing, and commercial litigation. Of course, we handle franchise law litigation and disputes.


Norman Yatooma & Associates provides legal services for prospective franchisees and existing franchisees. If you are considering purchasing a franchise, we can help you decide if doing so will meet your business goals. If you are an existing franchisee, we can help protect or enforce your rights under the law and your franchise agreement.

As franchisee, your rights and your profitability are impacted by the franchise agreement and the franchise disclosure document (FDD). The FDD was formerly known as the franchise offering circular, the most common of which was the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC). By law, the franchisor must provide you with both documents prior to selling you a franchise. Our talented experts can review your franchise documents and negotiate changes with the franchisor.

Consult us with your other legal issues related to franchise law. We can handle the transfer or termination of your franchise. We tackle franchise litigation, disputes, and fraud. Our attorneys can also assist with purchasing an international franchise.

Dispute Resolution

Norman Yatooma & Associates has the experience to tackle franchise disputes, whether for the franchisee or the franchisor. Our attorneys have handled cases against large corporations such as Thomas Kinkaid Company and Burger King. Issues in these cases included breach of contract, fraud, misrepresentation, breach of implied duty of good faith and fair dealing, violation of the franchise law, and more. Our attorneys know that litigation is an involved and intensive process, so they seek out-of-court solutions to enforce your interests. But Norman Yatooma & Associates are not shy to the courtroom. They will assert your rights in litigation and aggressively collect on judgments.

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Our expert attorneys have done franchise work in 38 states, including large suits against multinational corporations. If you are interested in the opportunities presented by a franchise or are seeking to enforce your rights in a franchise, then you should contact the professionals at Norman Yatooma & Associates to work with you!