Legal Malpractice

Important Facts About Legal Malpractice

About Legal Malpractice Suits

Norman Yatooma & Associates law firm has always contended with legal negligence, no matter who was responsible for it. If you were wronged by a former lawyer or attorney, we will not hesitate to defend a valid case on your behalf.

The Norman Yatooma & Associates law firm understands that lawyers are not immune to error. In some cases, clients find that they must sue their own lawyer. If your lawyer represented your improperly or negligently, you may have experienced harm during the legal process. Your lawyer may face a potential liability for any losses that you experienced, and we can help you compensate for those losses.

Norman Yatooma & Associates can come to your aid if the following options not sufficient for your situation:

If these above listed conditions do not adequately resolve the issue, you may pursue more effective measures and speak to one of our attorneys. Consider hiring one of our legal malpractice lawyers to pursue a case against your former lawyer.

Norman Yatooma & Associates has a consummate track record, and our specialized skill can prove even the most challenging cases. It is imperative that you hire a lawyer to help navigate this process, because these cases are very difficult to prove, and therefore, susceptible to failure when placed in the wrong hands.

Types of Legal Malpractice Cases

The Norman Yatooma & Associates law firm has acquired years of experience in legal malpractice, and we can assist you in the following three areas:

Negligence encompasses a variety of different issues, all of which our attorneys are qualified to handle. Generally speaking, it describes an instance in which your attorney does not exhibit the expected level of competency.

Negligence may describe a situation in which your attorney failed to file a lawsuit according to the designated time limit dictated by law. This is referred to as the statute of limitations. Additionally, if a lawyer does not adhere to deadlines, is ill prepared for your case or trial, or fails to adhere to court orders, this may equate to legal malpractice. Negligence is the most commonly cited example of legal malpractice.

In other contexts, legal malpractice results from a breach of fiduciary duty. When this occurs, your lawyer may be faced with a conflict that subjects you to some type of harm. This can exist in a number of different situations, including the following:

And finally, another important category of malpractice is referred to as a breach of contract. This occurs when a lawyer defies the stipulations of a client contract or agreement. This may include the following:

Proving the Case

Proving cases is the cornerstone of the Norman Yatooma & Associates law firm. These cases especially require the most skilled and reputable law firms. Legal malpractice cases are notoriously difficult and ridden with difficulty, which is why our law firm has dedicated years to refining our strategies.

Our attorneys understand that the following must be thoroughly substantiated:

Many legal malpractice attorneys are not free and they often require a contingency fee. Sometimes, this accounts for between 40% and 50% of the amount that you win in the case. Some negligence cases require much higher fees because they necessitate more effort from the attorney. The Norman Yatooma & Associates law firm is very reasonable when it comes to your finances.

To prove your legitimate, malpractice case, we will shrewdly present the following pieces of information:

Upon contacting one of our legal malpractice lawyers, he/she will assess your case for viability and determine if your lawyer is liable for legal malpractice. One of our professionals will also determine if insurance was provided by your previous lawyer to accommodate any financial harm or loss that you incurred. Your new attorney will also determine if the time and monetary investment in you legal malpractice case is necessary.